the missing teacher's new book cover and 1 year anniversary


It’s been one year since I published my first book. And interestingly enough it coincided with me redoing the book cover. Do you like it? I hope so.

While I still like the old book cover, I was never completely satisfied by it. Here's why:

// I underestimated how long it would take to design one. I felt rushed by the imaginary deadline I had given myself.

// Also, I didn’t realize how difficult it is to have a vision of what you want and then try to create it.

// Working with my b/f on this presented another learning curve as he has his own aesthetics and I have mine. Plus, neither of us knew what we were doing. Creating a book cover is truly its own art.

// Something else that bothered me was digitally the cover worked better than in print. When I received a copy of my book (when I flew back home to Hawaii), months after I had published it, the cover was significantly darker than the digital copy. I blame Createspace, if there is anyone to be blamed, because there is nothing wrong with the digital file. It’s vibrant and detailed, but I realize that a mass produced print service isn’t too concerned with this. That’s what your proof copy is for and since I don’t live in the US, this wasn’t really an option - it is what it is.

An early reader, however, was instrumental in catching a formatting issue inside the book. Thank you, Lani M!

For now, I’m keeping my audio book under the old cover. What do you think? Should I change it to be consistent? I think the audio book cover still looks good because it’s a square shape and shows the artwork better.

The new cover happened rather by accident. I was playing in Canva and noticed their book cover templates and went from there. I liked the soft almost transparent quality of the new cover so I asked the b/f if he could recreate it in Photoshop.

For the next book, I have a photograph in mind. The b/f told me to give it to him and let him play around with design ideas. I’m glad he’s getting into it because what a pain the rear end! Book covers are so important, but I’m not a designer (nor is he!). And I don’t want to go through a professional because I think it’s hard to find someone you can work with. I don’t know how web or logo designers do it.

One last thing. For one day only, January 14th the Kindle version of the book will be free in honor of the new cover + the 1 year anniversary. The audio book is always free (for now) or you can pay what you want, which works surprisingly well. Thanks everyone!

Have you got a book? Or are you planning one? What was your book cover process?

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