What are your rules of life?


Taking a page out of Tolstoy’s “Rules of Life,” I’ve decided to come up with my own personal commandments. Let’s see what I come up with…

// Don’t take yourself too seriously. (Wish I could remember this one more often.)

// Breathe deep.

// When you’re feeling sad or sick, watch a funny video or get absorbed in a good book. (Laughter does wonderful things for the immune system, and usually when we are feeling out of sorts we need a healthy distraction.)

// Before you agree or disagree with something, think about why you believe it to be true or not true. (Often, we follow along with the beliefs that our family and friends think that don’t necessarily reflect our ideas. It’s worth taking the time to research and contemplate how you feel on a matter.)

// Take good care of yourself. (Easier said than done and it’s the easiest thing to regret.)

// Surround yourself with beauty and kindness. Be kind to yourself and others.

// Read every day for pleasure and enjoyment.

// Challenge yourself. (I know that life is challenging enough sometimes, but most of us have the luxury to expand our mental and/or physical boundaries from time to time.)

What are your rules of life?

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