Where I'm at


I’m in a writers group. And I’ve been reading this blog book to them. As a result, this book has become a joy again and not something I’m just trying to finish and trudge through.

Prior to that, when I thought I was finished, I had 3 dear friends read everything cover to cover and give me valuable advice, opinions and grammar pointers! So I have been re-reading it, editing it and posting the updated version, which you can see under ‘chapters’ on the right side.

My goal was to have this finally put to rest by the end of 2012 but the writers group has encouraged me to take my time. And I must say I feel extremely blessed to have readers and listeners from different English speaking countries and women from their 20s to their 80s give me their feedback and thoughts.

We honestly have each decade represented in our all-women’s writers group (well, from me up)! I remember I put the advertisement out there and forgot about it when no was interested. Then Catherine contacted me, we met, then she introduced me to other fine ladies. Folks came and went as the expat community goes. The group died and then it was picked up again and now it is flourishing.


It’s interesting. This blog book is no longer the catharsis or burden it once was, instead it’s become a way to connect with people. I had a nice young man email me towards the end of last year, and we met because he also lives in Chiang Mai and wanted to ask about being a Waldorf teacher!

I hear there is a eurthymy teacher living on my street somewhere!? I have yet to meet him but my friend Ingrid knows him. And one of the dear ladies from the writers group just told me her friend in Lampang was a Waldorf teacher. She wants to meet me and I can’t wait to dish!

All this to say, I’m not sure what will happen when I am finished finished with this blog book, so in the meantime I will enjoy the walk down the road this Waldorf experience is taking me.

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