My Waldorf experience was a life changing one. I entered the Foundation Year in 1999 and completed my Waldorf Teacher Training in 2001. I started teaching at the school, I like to call, Trembling Trees, and was fired or "let go" in 2003. 

I started writing about it in 2005 as a way to move past it, or put the whole damn thing behind me. And since I've been journaling from the age of 13, it was the natural thing to do. But my attempts to get it published never went anywhere. I don't think I was ready. So I decided to share it as a blog (I've since taken down a lot of the posts as they were messy first drafts), and what I discovered was my experience was a shared one.

In other words, folks told me about their own experiences, not only in teaching, but in fields like nursing and non-profits. Parents have also contacted me. I was reminded that my first thought, "I should share what happened" was a good thought, and I started thinking how I could make these words into a book again.

So I returned to my original idea for this blog and worked hard to get it published. At the beginning of 2015, I did it. {the missing teacher} is available through print at Amazon and on Kindle as well. Or if you prefer to listen, it's on Gumroad (*pay what you want) here.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for sharing! Your stories and support have helped me so much.

Lani V. Cox

Siem Reap, Cambodia
updated October 2015

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